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Miscarriages Can Be Prevented

Price: $10.95
Pages: 92
ISBN: 157502778X
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Authors: Penny J. Chong, M.D., William L. Matzner, M.D., Wendell T. W. Ching, M.D., with Wesley Smith

Each year, tens of thousands of couples suffer the bitter heartbreak of repeated miscarriage. Once, it was thought that little could be done. But now, there is hope. Groundbreaking medical research and new methods of treatment are allowing up to 80% of women, many who have given up hope of motherhood after suffering repeated miscarriages, to give birth to a normal, healthy child. This book, on the cutting edge of medical science, explains how the agony of repeated miscarriages can now be turned into the life-transforming joy of parenthood:

Ch 1 - Struggle, Courage and Hope Fulfilled -- Read Online!
Ch 2 - Of Birds and Bees and Babies
Ch 3 - Answers to Common Questions about Miscarriages
Ch 4 - The Causes of Miscarriage
Ch 5 - The Immune System -- Read Online!
Ch 6 - Increasing "Blocking Antibodies" to Prevent Miscarria
Ch 7 - When Aspirin can Prevent Miscarriage
Ch 8 - Antinuclear Antibodies
Ch 9 - Preventing Natural "Killer Cells" form Killing
Ch 10 - Conclusion: A Personal Note from Bill Matzner

With Co-Author Wesley Smith

Wesley Smith is a consumer advocate and author of ten consumer-oriented books, including: The Lawyer Book, The Doctor Book, The Senior Citizen's Handbook, Winning the Insurance Game (co-authored with Ralph Nader) and Collision Course (co-authored with Ralph Nader).