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5 Reasons for Single and Recurrent Miscarriages

One in two hundred couples will experience two or more consecutive miscarriages. There are five reasons for miscarriage which have been identified: Infection Abnormal anatomy Low progesterone levels Abnormal chromosomes Immune problems Sometimes the cause of a miscarriage is unknown, and sometimes there are multiple reasons a woman miscarries. There are solutions for miscarriage, depending on the reason(s) it happened…. Read more »

What to Say (and Do) When Someone You Know Experiences a Miscarriage

Over the years many of our patients have shared some very painful stories about the ignorant and hurtful things people say when they learn about a miscarriage the patient has had. “It’s probably for the best.” “Be thankful. This was nature’s way of telling you the baby would have been deformed.” “You were probably too active.” “It’s God’s will.” “Oh,… Read more »