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Reproductive Immunology Treatment Results in Birth after Miscarriages

Case Study: Reproductive Immunology Treatment Success after Four Miscarriages Unless otherwise indicated, the names of patients and some details about this reproductive immunology treatment case study have been changed to protect their privacy. “Hi,” the woman’s cheerful voice answered. “You have reached the Copelands, John, Dianne, Peter, Sam and Heather. We’re not home right now, but if you’ll leave a… Read more »

The RIA Story: How We Started Our Reproductive Immunology Lab

In the late 1980s, three physicians, Dr. William L. Matzner, Dr. Penny J. Chong, and Dr. Wendell T. W. Ching, came together to begin one of the first reproductive immunology labs in the United States. Since that time they have researched, collaborated with other physicians, and successfully diagnosed and treated hundreds of couples unable to carry a pregnancy to term… Read more »

5 Reasons for Single and Recurrent Miscarriages

One in two hundred couples will experience two or more consecutive miscarriages. There are five reasons for miscarriage which have been identified: Infection Abnormal anatomy Low progesterone levels Abnormal chromosomes Immune problems Sometimes the cause of a miscarriage is unknown, and sometimes there are multiple reasons a woman miscarries. There are solutions for miscarriage, depending on the reason(s) it happened…. Read more »