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Instructions for Heparin Injections

  1. Whip the area with alcohol. Do not rub!
  2. Remove cap from needle and gently pick up a well-defined fold of skin.
  3. Hold the syringe in a dart fashion and insert the needle directly into the skin at a 45-90 degree angle just into the subcutaneous "fatty layer" of the skin.
  4. Push down on the plunger slowly as far as it will go.
  5. When all the heparin has been injected, slowly withdraw the needle at the same angle at which it entered, releasing the skin roll as you withdraw.
  6. Apply light pressure to the area with a cotton ball for a few minutes. Do not rub the area. Rubbing the area increases the chance for bruising and bleeding.

Important Points to Remember

  1. Preferred site of injection is the abdominal area. Injections must be given 2 inches away from the umbilicus (see diagram). If you need another area to inject your heparin, you may use your thighs or buttocks.
  2. Rotate your sites of injections. Avoid injecting a bruised area.
  3. Some bruising at the site of injection is normal (less than a quarter in size). If increases bruising occur es, you may use ice before you clean the area for the injection and/or after you have given yourself the injection.
  4. Notify your doctor that you are taking heparin before any surgical procedure.
  5. Carry an identification card in your wallet stating that you are on heparin.
  6. Contact your doctor if any of the following symptoms occur: nose bleeds, blood in the urine or stool, excessive bleeding lasting greater then 15 minutes and not controlled by direct pressure, unusual bruising not at the site of injection.

Rotation Sites for Heparin Injection

Heparin Injection Diagram

Dosage Chart for Drawing Heparin 5000 IU

Concentration (IU/ml) Amount of Inject (cc)
5,000 1.0
10,000 0.5
20,000 0.25
40,000 0.125

  1. Always check concentration of Heparin on the vial you are using.
  2. Heparin is to be given 2 times a day at 10-14 hour intervals.
  3. Depending upon the recommendation, Heparin will be started on day 6 of the cycle of planned conception or 48 hours after ovulation.

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