Monthly Archives: October 2015

DQ Alpha Genotyping: An Important Test for Couples Experiencing Recurrent Miscarriages

DQ Alpha Genotyping uncovers important information for women who have experienced miscarriage and couples who have experienced one normal delivery and then recurrent miscarriages. In this blog post we explain the test and why it’s important. Your Human Lymphocyte Antigen (HLA) system is part of what determines your unique immune system and what your immune system recognizes as foreign. The… Read more »

How to Inject Heparin or Lovenox Subcutaneously

When you are undergoing reproductive immunology and other treatments, the treatment may call for injecting Heparin (or Lovenox) subcutaneously (under the skin). At RIA, we provide the following instructions to help you understand how to inject Heparin. Many of our patients have never injected themselves with a needle! You might be a little anxious about the procedure, but after a… Read more »